Dos Margaritas

Chile Earthquake Update


Dos Margaritas - Patagonia Region MapJoaquina Penã, president of Dos Margaritas is in Chile visiting the areas hardest hit by the February 2010 earthquake to evaluate what additional programs and support the people of that region require. Her early report is that the government of Chile has provided temporary housing, water and food but the people are now struggling to put their lives back on track with the central need on longer term housing and reconstructing their lives in terms of their livlihood. Many of the affected areas where fishing towns and the Tsunami has reshaped the coast and disrupted all that these people have known. Joaquina's early assessment is that these people most need educational training to help them find new ways to make money and restore the local economies.

Still, there are smaller earthquakes and tremors which continue to hit Chile since late February.